Here are some of my favourite sites and resources for discovering new music and reading about neat stuff! I’ll update regularly.


Aphasia Records – a really fantastic label that keeps on giving. Totally dedicated to the outrun and retrowave genre.
Future 80s Records – nice diverse selection here of retrowave and synthpop.
Lazerdiscs Records – from France. Relatively new (established in 2016), but I sense big things for this label. In my experience, a ton of the most authentic retrowave and outrun comes from France.
/tag/outrun – on Bandcamp. There can be a lot to slog through but it’s definitely worth it once in a while to find some gems.
Telefuture – 80s inspired music of the slightly darker ghost-in-the-machine variety.
Valerie Collective – home to some of the greats: College, Anoraak, Minitel Rose. There haven’t been any recent ‘concrete’ releases, but there are good mixes posted here sometimes.


80s Horror Movies – as you would imagine from the title! 80s horror movies play a huge part in my aesthetic and I’ve watched a lot of great (and not so great!) movies thanks to this site.
Bloody Disgusting – a very well-known site primarily focused on the horror genre, but also features some music reviews (like Peturbator’s The Uncanny Valley in 2016). The writing on this site is fantastic.
Chip! Bit! Sid!
– a blog focusing on the chiptune genre. Updated regularly and has some great finds!
Neon Dystopia – an amazing site focused on the Cyberpunk genre, which naturally has many parallels with outrun and retrowave. Very in-depth and great commentary on music, art, books and film.
NewRetroWave – dedicated to (as you may have guessed) retrowave. It has some really neat features: from reviewing music to clothing and even retro cars. A solid source!
/r/outrun – on Reddit. This might seem like an obvious mention but this is a very welcoming community and they are always willing to help – a genuine collection of people who share a passion!
Retrowave Starter Kit on Heavy Blog is Heavy – pretty much what it says on the tin. Not incredibly comprehensive but a good piece on the artists featured.


80s Palettes – colour palettes taken from 80s promo images. Good for colour scheme ideas!
80s Touch
– an amazing collection of art both from and inspired by the 1980s. 
– as above. Movie posters, models, animated and pixel art – you name it.
Cyberpunk Art Archive – from the Neon Dystopia website. Excellently compiled art with plenty of background information.