Hello! Welcome to Weapons for Chai, my little place in the big internet! You can call me Chai. I’m 23, British, but currently live in Chiba in Japan. 

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Yours truly.

I love video games, outrun and retrowave, and music. Resided in Gotham for a while. Moonlights as a psychic Pokemon trainer. I get a kick out of old 80s horror movies. I’m entangled somewhere between the year 1986 and 2186 and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon…

My outrun/retrowave journey began in 2006 when I discovered Kavinsky’s Testarossa Autodrive on MySpace (remember that?!). Amazed that there was a genre of music that mirrored the sounds of my childhood, I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’m always amazed that the genre is so well received and has such a wonderful, helpful following but still lives underground! The aim of this blog is to share excellent music and enjoy each other’s opinions and discoveries on not only outrun, but video games and film – there’s a definite overlap with fans of the genre + those particular mediums!

It is my intention for this blog to hopefully grow into a collective space where people from all over can share their expertise and favourite things. I would like to become one writer of many. And I’m all about the positivity – this is a place for sharing and enthusiasm. I want to help you find the next song worth abusing the repeat button.

What should you expect to see on this blog?
Fanmixes – my speciality! I love combining other mediums with music.
Discussion of video games (both old and new) and music (both old and new).
Reviews of recent outrun/rerowave/synthwave releases.
 Reflections series: 1,000+ words of picking apart the good stuff!
Anything that relates to either the aesthetic or the ethos of the above.

I also have a Twitter for the blog that I’m desperately trying to get into the habit of using, you can follow it here!

Have a great day!

Love, Chai